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Parthenon Stereoview

Greece Stereoview Photo cdii Parthenon 9


Greece Stereoview Photo cdii Acropolis Parthenon Athens 6


Greece Stereoview Photo cdii Kilburn Parthenon Ruins Acropolis Athens


Underwood Stereoview Horsemen in Procession, Parthenon, Greece 100 Card Set 1907


Stereoview Photo cdii Kilburn 12199 Parthenon Ruins Acropolis Athens Greece




Parthenon Shattered Columns Acropolis Athens Greece Underwood Stereoview c1900


From Parthenon to Lykabettos Athens Greece Underwood Stereoview 1907


Parthenon to east end Acropolis Athens Greece Underwood Stereoview c1900


Vintage Stereoview T.W.Ingersolle #1358 The Parthenon Athens Greece


Parthenon Grandest Monument of Ancient Greece Underwood Stereoview 1897


Parthenon over city to lykabettos Athens Greece Underwood Stereoview c1900


Horsemen in Procession Frieze Parthenon Athens Greece Underwood Stereoview 1907


Ruins of the Parthenon, Athens, Greece, Vintage Stereoview


Horsemen in Procession Phidias Frieze Parthenon Greece Underwood Stereoview 1907


Greece ~ ATHENS ~ Parthenon On The Acropolis Stereoview 33997 688 fx


Boy with a pot on his head Parthenon Olympus Athens Greece Stereoview 1897


Stereoview Parthenon Acropolis View over Athenia Mount Lycabettus Greece b


Wsa6001 Mint Sepia Keystone 33997 Parthenon on the Acropolis Athens Greece D


Vintage Stereoscope Photo Underwood S765 Parthenon Lykabettos Athens Greece


Vintage Stereoscope Photo Underwood S764 Acropolis Tourists Parthenon Athens


Vintage Stereoscope Photo Underwood S761 ATHENS Greece Acropolis Parthenon


Watercolor Vintage Parthenon On The Acropolis Signed