have-fun-quotes-3-learning-by-doing-and-gamesThe world’s children are playing because playing is an activity that is highly preferred by children and even adults. With the play will be able to foster creativity. Can also play as a medium to explore the desires and ideals cherished child. Play can be used as a vehicle for transferring knowledge. Playing can be motivation.In the spirit and learning in primary schools teachers face are children with various characters and desires always want to play. Interests of children against all forms of the game is very high. As a teacher of teachers are expected to pack the active learning, creative, effective, and very fun. By playing the expected learning that takes place will be able to produce a quality process. The following will be presented two pieces of a word game which is implemented in Indonesian language learning in primary school hump four. The game can be used as an ingredient  especially to start learning with the aim to excite student learning. The game was developed to apply linguistic language learning in primary school. The first game is deliberately designed to apply semantics and vocabulary instruction in learning to write. The second game of syntax in the application of learning to write
The word formed from the same letters
Before doing the game needs to be explained first to the child about the game to be practiced. These games can be named Round Letter because of the letters in a word to be rotated so that the letters round will produce a new word with a different composition and each word has a different meaning. For example: cheap, home, fragrant..
How to do this game. Kids are asked to find a word that can be formed into new words. Kids were given about ten minutes to find the word in question. Once the child find words that can be formed into other words, they are then given the opportunity to present the processed letters that have been found in front of other friends. If this is done in the classroom should be child presentation asked to write words on the board so that another child can know that the possibility of using the same word in one class did not happen.

So this game more interesting, the child is wrong or can not make the sentence requested to entertain his friends by singing or dancing. These actions as a form of motivation to students to be creative in learning and sportsmanship in the game.

In the most extensive range semantics lesson, especially in primary school is a long process. Students seeking new words and improve understanding of the previous word. This is not surprising because the word is often already used in everyday language, so that the guidance of teachers to acquire new vocabulary is very extremely important to language learning.

Finally it can be concluded that under no circumstances are actually a boy would feel comfortable if needs be met, namely the game. In any language learning if teachers can be creative in preparing lesson plans by integrating games in it, must be a conducive learning atmosphere and the spirit of student learning will be even greater. With great passion and understanding of the students’ acquisition of the material presented teachers are expected to be absorbed more leverage. Beside that we have to always watching carefully our children when the play some games, we have to avoid them to try any online hack tool or cheat to get resources for it’s game without any effort, because it’s not fairly.

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